Environmental Statement

We keep you going. And we keep it green.

You drive across this country and tirelessly care about it as much as we do. That’s why we make the effort to keep the trucking industry environmentally friendly. Here are just a few strides we’ve made to protect the world we work and play in:

  • Switching to high-efficiency light fixtures
  • Replacing most of our paper towels with reusable towels, saving trees, fuel and landfill space
  • Developing a diesel fuel filtration system to recover and recycle fuel. This also helps keep costs down for customers like you without sacrificing quality.
  • Recovering gallons of used oil each year for recycling.
  • Sending scrap tires away for fuel use or recycling for projects such as playgrounds.
  • Using absorbent products that contain recycled scrap materials. 
  • Participating in cardboard recycling programs.
  • Performing bulk oil transactions indoors to prevent environmental spillage.