Speedco Payment Options

Payments Accepted

For your convenience, Speedco accepts the following payment types.

  • Speedco CFNA Credit Card (owner operators / 2-5 unit fleets)
  • Speedco Comdata Card
  • Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express
  • Personal/Company Checks
  • Direct Bill (5+ unit fleets)
  • Comchek
  • T-Check Card
  • TCH Check
  • TCH/PDCA Card
  • EFS Check
  • EFS Card (Preferably transferred onto an EFS Check)
  • Transplatinum/Fleet One Check
  • Transplatinum/Fleet One Card
  • Insta Money/Multi Service Check
  • Wright Express Card
  • Voyager Card
  • Speedco Gift Card
  • Speedco Rewards certificate


What is Speedco Credit? 

An approved line of credit offered by Speedco, Inc. to approved fleet customers. 

How do you qualify? 

Credit is granted based on a credit evaluation using D&B, Cortera, and/or Equifax - if a personal guarantee is needed due to limited business credit. Credit applications must be completed with trade and bank references and signed. They can be emailed to speedcocredit@bfusa.com – Please expect a three business day turnaround time on all applications, starting the day they are submitted to Speedco credit.

How does it work? 

The Speedco Credit account is an account that is billed through the Speedco corporate office. All credit and billing is handled through Speedco, Inc. When a fleet is billed out you will see Direct Billing as a method of payment. We also offer an automatic email program. This program houses any email address’s you would like to receive your invoices to, once the store has invoiced. This option allows you to receive each invoice daily, once completed, rather than only a statement each month. 

When do I get billed? 

The invoices billed through Speedco Direct Bill are due Net 15th of the month and are payable to: 

PO Box 945684 Atlanta, GA 30394-5684

Who do I contact with my questions? 

Speedco Credit – speedcocredit@bfusa.com (Applications, Credit Line Increase Request, or Invoice copy request)

Speedco Cash – speedcocash@bfusa.com (Refunds, Accounts Receivable)

Speedco Epay – speedcoepay@bfusa.com (ACH Payments, Credit Card Payments)