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  • Peace of Mind: Witness Your Torque

    Peace of Mind: Witnessing the torque offers customers and Speedco peace of mind that the plug is secure. Continue

  • Balance Your Rig with Centramatics

    Reducing tire operating temperatures by 10 percent or more can have a positive impact on your tire mileage and life span. How can you do it? By balancing your rig with Centramatics balancers on steer, drive, and trailer applications. Read on to learn more about the benefits of Centramatics balancers. Continue

  • What's Your Number?

    When trying to determine if your trucks need an oil change or can be pushed a few thousand miles more, a quick oil analysis can help you make an informed decision. Read on to learn more. Continue

  • Preparing for International Roadcheck 2017

    CVSA International Roadcheck 2017 is scheduled for June 6-8. Do you know how to prepare and what inspectors are looking for? Learn what you need to know and how Speedco teammates can help. Continue

  • Go Green, Save Green

    A truck tire’s life cycle doesn’t always start and stop on one truck. For truck drivers this means being green and saving green when replacing 18 wheels. Continue

  • Tread Lightly On Low Tire Tread

    Tires start out at 10/32nds but as wear and tear takes a toll, tread becomes worn down and is limited in its ability and to provide effective traction. It’s important to understand the dangers of a low tire tread and how to check your tread on the go. Read on to learn more. Continue

  • Plan Ahead for a Healthy Driving Lifestyle

    An over-the-road lifestyle doesn't have to mean fast food meals and gas station snacks. With a bit of planning, a healthy lifestyle can be doable and delicious. Read on for healthy eating and planning tips. Continue

  • Maintenance 101: Timing is Everything

    Time is money. This is true in the trucking industry more than anywhere else. Missed maintenance can mean downtime and lost revenue. Read more to understand why regular truck maintenance is vital. Continue

  • Another Year, Another Cold Winter

    With the winter season bringing cold weather and icy road conditions, slow down and ensure you're prepared in the case of a winter weather emergency. Continue

  • PC-11 Is Here

    Officially licensed December 1st, 2016, PC-11 oils are now available at Speedco locations. Read on to learn about why oil is changing. Continue

  • Four Resolutions for Drivers

    Whether for the New Year or just because, it’s never the wrong time to make a resolution. We could all improve ourselves and setting a goal is a great driving force to get ourselves in gear. Get inspired to set your new resolution. Continue

  • Big Rigs Needs Big Power

    It takes more than fuel to run a big rig. Big power has to come from batteries as well. With multiple options, it's up to you to choose the best type of battery power for your rig. Continue

  • Plan Your Route on the Speedco Mobile App

    We recently released a new version of our mobile app that includes an easy-to-use trip planner. Get the app and give it a try! Continue

  • The Rise and Fall of Tire Pressure

    It’s important to understand the rise and fall of outside temperatures does have an effect on your tire pressure so you can avoid being under or over inflated, leading to increased tire wear and fuel consumption. Maintaining proper inflation, no matter the outside temperature, is easy; follow OEM or fleet recommended settings. Continue

  • How Long Do Truck Tires Last?

    A tire's life-span cannot be measured in months or years. Rather, tires should be replaced when it is determined they are no longer road worthy. Read on for more about why commercial tires should not have a finite age limit. Continue

  • Punctual Preventative Maintenance

    Routine preventative maintenance is key to the longevity of your tractor. Without proper care a tractor will wear down faster, breakdown more frequently, and be a general nuisance that keeps you from making money. Continue

  • 25 Years / 25 Defining Speedco Moments

    Over the last 25 years Speedco has seen a lot of moments pass by. Some passed quickly without much afterthought, but many had a monumental impact on making Speedco the business it is today. Take a look at the top 25 defining Speedco moments. Continue

  • The Dirt on Air Filters

    Do you know when your engine air filter is most efficient? How about how often you should replace it? Here's the dirt you need to know about those filters. Continue

  • 25 Years / Changing Trucking Technology

    One of the most important changes we’ve seen over the last 25 years in the trucking industry is the evolution of trucking technology. Modern technology in the industry has helped create a safer and more efficient driving experience for generations of truck drivers. Continue

  • Breaking the Routine: Entertaining Trip Apps

    A long haul trip is nothing new for you but trying to find new ways to fill your downtime out on the road can be a continual challenge. Spice up your next long haul with a few new road trip apps we found for you. Continue

  • Long Haul Pit Stops: National Parks

    Next time you plan a long haul trip, plan a stop after your load drop to visit one of the numerous national parks around the country. What better way to ease your thoughts and body than taking in the beautiful scenery this country has to offer? Continue

  • 25 Years / A New Journey

    Our newest journey in our 25 year celebration is taking us north to Spokane, WA where we are excited to announce our first new Speedco location in almost eight years. Continue

  • 25 Years / Decades of Service and Experience

    With almost 1000 teammates across the nation, Speedco has the skills and experience to back up our service. Among our teammates, there are more than 25 teammates that have 15 or more years at Speedco, with a handful being a part of the Speedco journey from the beginning. Check out what some of these teammates have to say about Speedco's journey the last 25 years. Continue

  • I wish to play hockey with the New York Rangers

    Chris and his dad share a bond over hockey. After his diagnosis, it looked like Chris might never play again. Against the odds, he kept his hip and worked toward hitting the ice. Playing with the New York Rangers was the perfect start to his next chapter. Continue

  • One Week Until Roadcheck 2016

    The 29th annual Roadcheck for North American truck and bus safety inspections is coming near. The event is scheduled for June 7-9. Be sure you’re prepared. Continue

  • Celebrating 25 Years

    Over 25 years a lot looks different for Speedco, but one thing remains the same: we wouldn’t be celebrating 25 years without the support of loyal customers like you. We want to say thank you! Continue

  • Keeping Your Mind Sharp on the Road

    Long-haul driving can leave you with a lot of time on your hands. How do you fill it? We have some ideas on some safe ways to keep your brain sharp while on the road. Continue

  • Spring Cleaning Truck Style

    When you spend so much time on the road, you have limited time to clean which means that your truck’s cabin can get messy pretty fast. Continue

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