25 Years / Decades of Service and Experience

Posted on June 28, 2016 at 10:00 am

The Speedco Team is made up of almost 1000 teammates from stores across the nation to the corporate office in Nashville. With that many teammates, it’s no surprise that we have years of experience to back up our years of service. Among our teammates, there are more than 25 teammates that have 15 or more years at Speedco, with a handful being a part of the Speedco journey from the beginning.

As we celebrate 25 years as a business, we asked some of these teammates to reflect back on their years of service and the growth of Speedco. They had a lot to say.

First, meet the teammates we talked to.

(J) Jim Dudley, Vice President, Real Estate & Assets / Jim was a founding partner of the business. If you can think of a role that needed to be done, Jim did it at some point.

(B) Brett Burchett, Region Manager / Brett started as the Assistant Manager at Speedco 302 Effingham in February 1997. He went on to a number of additional roles including General Manager at Speedco 303 Indianapolis, Region Manager, Director of New Store Operations, and VP of Operations. In August 2014 he resumed the role of Regional Manager for the Mideast.

(C) Chris Guy, Assistant Store Manager Speedco 302 Effingham / Chris started with Speedco in November 1994. Chris worked his way up from lube tech through the different levels of technicians, crew chiefs, eventually becoming Assistant Store Manager all at the same location.


What are the biggest positive changes you’ve seen over the last 25 years?

(J) Though limited, added products and services to assist our clientele in providing must have/needed services when and where they are needed.

(B) Our growth and our ability to change with the industry.


How has Speedco impacted the trucking industry?

(J) We have become the primary if not only source for PM choices. Speedco literally changed the time involved for PM’s from making an appointment a week in advance, leaving the vehicle all day at a shop or dealership to the same service, “first come, first serve” at less than an hour of service time.

(B) We created the oil change industry for trucking. We set the standard in what is expected when a big rig needs an oil change. We made everyone else look at us and say “Speedco is the 600 pound gorilla in the lube business”.

(C) They’ve changed the way people get their oil changed for sure. Before, you never heard about a quick oil change for a semi. You always went to a truck stop and you waited….or you went to a dealership.


How has Speedco impacted your life?

(J) I truly am living a dream. It has been a very rewarding journey to watch Speedco grow from one, then two locations to now 52 locations. I still remember the early years when we had less than 10 stores. What a ride it has been! My involvement in the site selection and build out over the last 25 years has been such a positive experience for me. It has afforded me the ability to maintain relationships / friendships nationwide. I’m looking forward to the next wave of building the network.  It has enabled me to help others individually and contribute to charitable organizations that I believe in. Also, it has been a significant highlight that Speedco has changed the PM industry inside Trucking.

(B) I have learned so much from the people here and the company itself. I may not have any ownership in Speedco but I will always be able to look at it as something that I helped build.

(C) Everything I’ve got is because of them [Speedco].


What are you looking forward to from Speedco over the next 25 years?

(J) Strategically locating additional facilities in target market areas, specifically new building and site designs to fit into metro areas.

(B) Continued growth. I love to see a new location start up and see its progression.

(C) I’d like to see more service, like how we just got batteries, adding more minor repair services.


Now we want to hear from you. Reflect back on your time trucking and tell us about what changes have stood out to you, what changes you’re looking to see, and how trucking has changed your life. Share your thoughts with us on social media using #ROADNATION.

Thank you for helping us celebrate 25 years in the trucking industry.


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