Breaking the Routine: Entertaining Trip Apps

Posted on August 9, 2016 at 9:00 am

We all have our typical routines when we get back behind the wheel for the next long haul, but switching things up or trying new things can make the next trip more exciting. One way to help spice up life on the road is by trying new mobile apps. Although most of us use apps on a regular basis anyway, these are especially helpful for drivers like yourself who may need to fill long hours of driving or rest stop breaks with more than just music and books.

Let’s begin with an app that is sure to captivate your mind. World Documentary is a free application that allows you to listen or watch a large variety of documentaries from around the world. From conspiracy theories to war stories, this app is sure to sustain your attention when you’re riding passenger or taking a mandatory break.

While you’re planning your trip be sure to check out the Roadtripper’s App. Type in your beginning destination and ending destinations and change the settings to what you are looking for, i.e., hotel, attractions, restaurants, etc.. A map of your route will load along with everything near that route where you could stop.

Another app to look into for long haul trips is Postagram. Typically you want to try and stay in touch with our families while we are out on the road. Postcards are a fun way to keep in contact while showing our loved ones exactly where you’ve been. When you don’t have time to stop and look for ready-made postcards, Postagram allows you to take a picture of where ever you are, and turn it into your own special post card to be sent out to friend and family.

Star Chart is another fun app to download for the nighttime long haul adventures. Once you’ve pulled over for the night or are getting ready to get moving for a long night drive, you’ve probably wondered what some of those bright stars above you are called, or what a constellation is. By using the Star Chart App you can point your phone up at the sky and it can tell you exactly what you are looking at.

Ready to spice up your next long haul? Hopefully these applications will make it with you on your next trip.

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