One Week Until Roadcheck 2016

Posted on May 31, 2016 at 10:00 am

The 29th annual International Roadcheck for North American truck and bus safety inspections is coming near. The event is scheduled for June 7-9 and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) expects to have 10,000 inspectors participating this year. That is 10,000 inspectors from federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies in three countries out and ready to check trucks and buses. Are you prepared?

Inspectors will primarily be conducting Level 1 Inspections during the event. The inspections have a 37-step procedure of checking both the driver and the truck and are important because they can affect your CSA scores.

Though vehicle maintenance is just one part of your CSA score, it accounts for nearly two-thirds of CSA points assessed to drivers and carriers. Whatever you do, don’t stress. You can help save your score by being prepared.

As always, you should do a pre- and post-trip inspection of your truck and trailer. Some of the leading violations cited in roadside inspections can be caught with a thorough inspection. Check your lights and reflective tape to make sure everything is in order. Pay attention to your brakes, including looking for brake hose chaffing/kinking. Be sure to look for any oil or grease leaks and double check that your fire extinguisher is secure and in working order.

Also double check all of your tires, making sure the tread depth is more than 2/32 of an inch. This year’s Roadcheck focus is on tire safety including measuring tire tread depth, checking tire pressure, ensuring now items are lodged between dual tires, and examining tire conditions.

All of these are common violations that can add to your CSA score. Catch them before a roadside inspection and you can fix them, make yourself safer on the road, and not be dinged on your CSA score. Be prepared to show proof of your annual inspection as well. You are required to have proof on board with you.

Feel like you still need some help? Roll into a Speedco bay near you and we can offer a Mid-Trip CSA Inspection for your truck and trailer. We know what inspectors look for and will point out areas that need attention should there be any. Our inspections may not go on your official CSA report, but they will give you peace of mind that you’re prepared should you be called out for an inspection. Feel free to ask questions while were working and we’ll be happy to show you and explain what we’re checking.